Frequently Asked Questions

Quickly find answers to some of our most common requests. Please contact us if you still require further assistance.

This depends on the shipping option that you purchase. We have standard shipping and expedited shipping options available. The shipment time is an ESTIMATION. It could possibly take less time or a little more time to be delivered by the USPS. You will be able to see the cost of each option once you reach the checkout screen.

Standard Shipping – We utilize the USPS for standard shipping.  This does NOT include tracking.  You will receive a notification once your order has shipped.  Please note that during peak shipping seasons (late November – late December) that the USPS typically experiences delays.  We recommend if the timing of your package is important to upgrade to Expedited shipping. 

Expedited Shipping – For expedited shipping we utilize FedEx, UPS, and DHL which DOES include tracking for your package.  Shipping utilizing this method allows customers to track their packages as well as receive quicker delivery.  Delays do still occur during the holiday period (late November – late December).  

Yearbooks are only available for PRE-ORDER and will be shipped according to the date on the product page. There are limited quantities available after the initial product run, but purchases made after will be processed and shipped within 3 business days.  

This means your order was packaged and filled, but not yet scanned in by the carrier. Please allow up to 48 hours for this to change. If it does not change after 48 hours, please email us at

If your shipping confirmation email did not have a tracking number (or it says tracking not available), that means the shipping option you purchased does not have tracking available via the USPS. (we offer this option for those who would prefer the lowest shipping cost.)

If your yearbook arrived in damaged condition, you can contact  We would ask that you provide the order number and any images of the damage and we will process a new order to replace the damaged item. 

Each section in the final edition contains a QR code that provides users access to additional photos and content from that section.  This information can be accessed by purchasing a Fan Pass membership. 

Monthly or Annual Fan Pass subscriptions can be added after an initial “yearbook only” order has been placed.  Customers would need to contact support and provide an order number to add Fan Pass. 

Orders made after the product has shipped would not receive a shipping credit but would receive a credit for the Fan Pass membership. 

For customers adding Fan Pass prior to shipping, customers will be given a credit towards their shipping and Fan Pass membership when placing the add-on order.  We will NOT refund the discounts.  

Be sure to log in to your customer account.  After logging in select “my account” then “payment methods.”  First, be sure to see that the credit card on file has not expired or changed.  

If the card needs to be changed or updated you can select “add new card” where you can update your billing.  Once done, your account will be valid again giving you access. 

If your card is valid, then please contact, and someone from our team will work to resolve your access issue. 

If your issue is related to your password, you can reset your password directly from the login page.  If this does not resolve your issue, please contact where someone from our team can help resolve your issue.  

Images can be copied for personal use, but not resale or commercial use under any circumstances under penalty of law.  Please refer to our terms of use policy for further details on the use of images.  

For customers who would like to cancel their subscription, there is a remedy depending on whether you purchased a monthly subscription or an annual one.  

Monthly Subscription Cancellation

Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled after two billing cycles from the initial billing date.  Customers will continue to receive benefits until the date of the next billing cycle.  There will not be a refund of any part of the monthly subscription fee.  The customer will neither be billed for nor receive the benefits of the cancelled subscription after the current billing cycle ends.


Annual Subscription Cancellation

Annual subscriptions can only be cancelled within 30 days of the first day of the subscription and will be provided a refund minus the discount amount received with the yearbook purchase.  If the request is after 30 days member will continue to receive the benefits of that subscription until the anniversary date of the initial purchase and there will not be a refund of any part of the annual subscription fee. Customers will retain subscription benefits for the entirety of the initial one year period from the original purchase date.

We unfortunately do not.  All orders must be placed online using one of the methods provided.  

Please send any questions/comments to

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